Startups with lunar innovations

Anyfields LOGO
Stephane Gemble

Measurement of electromagnetic radiation

The growth of the market for connected systems using radiating devices (satellites, drones, internet of things, connected and autonomous machines) and performing more and more critical tasks generates a need for solutions to measure the quality and performance of antennas. The Fieldisplay product developed by Anyfields addresses this need by providing a system for visualizing electromagnetic radiation and measuring antenna performance.


Fulvio Infante

Optical analysis of the chemical properties of a material

METIS offers a new concept in technical imaging instrumentation, providing new detection functionalities and imaging in situ, where previously it was necessary to bring the objects to be analysed to the laboratory. Thanks to technical innovations in illumination, detection and analysis of multimodal images, METIS can locate and discriminate materials and defects that cannot be detected by current devices.


Paul-Hector Oliver

Plant production in the phytotron

Orius develops plant production technologies in a controlled environment to support the development of new applications, such as plant production in a space environment, accelerated varietal selection, or the elaboration of compounds of interest for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and bioproduction industries.

Peter Weiss

Moon and underwater habitat

Spartan Space is developing space habitats for lunar exploration and underwater habitats. This habitat concept, called “EuroHab/ILOT”, is designed as a lunar lander payload. It is the first development of an inflatable lunar habitat, providing more habitable volume for a given mass. It also includes a mobility function to provide a habitat capable of moving on the Moon’s surface.

The Exploration Company
Hélène Huby

Reusable lunar vehicle

The Exploration Company’s ambition is to democratise access to the Moon for the space and non-space industries through reusable space vehicles. The company is developing a modular spacecraft that serves Earth orbit, for 3-6 month experiments in its simplest version, and then the Moon, in its most advanced version, through a reusable lunar orbital vehicle that can be refuelled in orbit, using propellants that can be produced from in-situ resources.


Quentin Montardy, Stephane Besnard, Nicolas Lefèvre

Monitoring of risks related to human factors

InMind-VR allows to monitor the risks linked to human factors thanks to a platform integrating a software solution with virtual reality, coupled with the latest on-board sensors for monitoring physiological and cerebral responses for a complete evaluation of the human. InMind-VR goes beyond traditional medical-psychological assessments by developing scenarios that take into account the latest knowledge in neuroscience and that are precisely adjusted to the level of performance to be achieved.

Stephanie Lizy-Destrez, Jonathan Pickworth

Commercial astronaut training

The Spaceflight Institute propose, en partenariat avec des agences spatiales, des universités et des entreprises spécialisées, une formation professionnalisante et certifiante complète « d’astronautes commerciaux », alliant connaissances théoriques et entrainements pratiques, conforme à la norme de la FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

logo neopouss
Nicolas Auriac, Quentin Jeandel

Superfood production

Neopouss aims to overcome the physical and logistical constraints of producing the “super foods” that are micro-fruits by means of a dehydration process that preserves all of the plants’ nutrients. This process will make it possible to multiply the uses of microgreens in the health and gastronomy sectors.

Quentin Montardy, Stephane Besnard, Nicolas Lefèvre

Monitoring des risques liés aux facteurs humains

VR2Planets offers virtual reality applications allowing its users to carry out complex technical operations in immersive collaboration. VR2Planets’ applications accurately recreate real environments (e.g. Mars terrain) through an interface mixing the latest technologies in image data processing, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality.