Does your start-up project need space?

Send it to the Moon!

TechTheMoon is the world's first incubator dedicated entirely to theMoon

with a dual objective:

To innovate for and through the Moon in response to the challenge of “living and working sustainably on the Moon”


To launch solutions on the market in response to an initial Earth-based need

Three key themes


Identify, quantify and analyse the available ressources to produce energy.


Design and build the very first lunar base camp with a view to long-term, sustainable habitation.

life support

Understand and pre-empt the health risks for a crew that will have to spend several months on the Moon.

Top-notch mentoring

TechTheMoon has assembled a pool of experienced professionals from different backgrounds. They are all committed to making their expertise and networks available to the projects supported by the lunar incubator.

Yann Barbaux

Airbus / Aerospace Valley

Cédric Balty

Thalès Alenia Space

Benoît Moulas

Agora Industries / Comat

Philippe Nobile

Boston Consulting Group

Corinne d’Agrain

IRDI Capital-investissement

Catherine Lambert


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Twelve months to shape your project

Join the world’s first incubator devoted entirely to the Moon. Draw on the best technical, business and financial support to help you move from idea to project, and from project to company.